§ 2-2. Records management plan  

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  • (a) Adoption of records management plan. Pursuant to the Georgia Records Act, O.C.G.A. § 50-18-90 et seq., the city adopts the records management plan and record retention schedules for local government recommended by the Georgia Secretary of State as amended from time to time by future resolutions of the mayor and council of the city.

    (b) Video records. All video tapes, other than video tapes taken from patrol car video cameras, which are taken from video cameras utilized by the city shall be retained for a period consistent with system capacity, but in no event less than 72 hours. If the records management plan administrator is notified in writing that a video record contains information relevant to an incident, investigation, or otherwise, such video record shall be retained for a period of five years.

    (c) Records management plan administrator. The city clerk is designated as the person responsible for administration of the records management plan and shall coordinate all records management for the city including storage, archiving, and destruction of records.

    (d) Maintenance and security of records. Records shall be maintained according to approved retention schedules. No record shall be destroyed except as provided in the approved retention schedule; provided, however, a written record may be destroyed if it is otherwise preserved by means of microfiche, scanning, or other reliable photographic or digital means. Changes to the retention schedules shall be adopted by resolution of the mayor and council. The city manager shall immediately prepare guidelines for the maintenance and security of all records covered by this section, and such guidelines shall, upon completion, become a part of the records management plan for the city.

    (e) Open Records Act. All requests for records made under the Georgia Open Records Act, O.C.G.A. § 50-18-70 et seq., shall be made pursuant to the City of Sandy Springs open records policy.

(Ord. No. 2008-12-61, 12-16-2008)