§ 2-60. Public participation  

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  • Public participation in meetings of the city council shall be permitted in accordance with the following provisions:

    (1) Public comments. The final agenda item of the meeting shall be reserved for comments from the public. All members of the public wishing to address the city council shall submit their name and the topic of their comments to the city clerk prior to the start of any meeting held by the city council; provided, however, that if the applicants of rezoning actions or individual who wish to oppose a rezoning action has contributed more than $250.00 to the campaign of a councilmember, the individual shall file a campaign disclosure form as required by O.C.G.A. § 36-67A-3 at least five calendar days prior to the first hearing by the city council. Individuals may be allotted five minutes to make their comments and those comments shall be limited to their chosen topic. These limits may be waived by a majority vote of the city council.

    (2) Agenda items considered by council. By a majority vote, the city council may allow public comment on an agenda item at the time the item is being considered by the city council. These comments shall be limited to the subject that is being debated. Members of the public may speak for five minutes and may speak only once. These limits may be waived by a majority vote of the city council. Anyone wishing to speak at any city council meeting must be recognized by the mayor before addressing the city council.

    (3) Decorum. Members of the public shall not make inappropriate or offensive comments at a city council meeting and are expected to comply with the rules of decorum that are established for councilmembers. Individuals violating any rules of the city council may be ruled out of order by the mayor or on a point of order made by a councilmember. A majority vote of the city council shall rule on the point out of order. An individual violating the rules of decorum may be removed from the meeting at the direction of the mayor.

    (4) Public hearings. The city council may schedule public hearings for the purpose of soliciting public comment on any subject of interest to the city council. Hearings may be held immediately prior to, during or following a meeting of the city council or at such other places and times as the city council may determine. Hearings require at least ten minutes per side. These limits may be waived by a majority vote of the city council. No official action shall be taken at any such public hearing. Hearings on zoning decisions shall be governed in accordance with the zoning policies and procedures.

(Ord. No. 2006-01-08, § 1(19), 1-24-2006)


Notice and hearing regarding zoning decisions, O.C.G.A. §§ 36-66-4, 36-66-5.