§ 6-55. Alcoholic beverage caterers  

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  • (a) License requirements for resident caterers.

    (1) Any caterer who possesses a valid license from the city to sell or otherwise dispense malt beverages, wine or distilled spirits by the drink at a fixed location within the city may apply for an off-premises license that permits sales at authorized catered event or function.

    (2) Each off-premises catering license, authorized herein, shall be valid only for the event for which the license is issued. The fee for each license shall be set by resolution of the city council, and this fee amount shall remain in effect until modified or amended by subsequent resolution adopted by the city council.

    (3) It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in, carry on, or conduct the sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages off-premises and in connection with a catered event or function without first having obtained a license as provided herein.

    (b) Permit requirements for nonresident caterers.

    (1) A nonresident alcoholic beverage caterer shall submit an application for an off-premises event permit to the city manager. The fee for each such permit shall be $50.00 as authorized by O.C.G.A. § 3-11-3 (or such fee as may be authorized by any future amendment or revision thereto).

    (2) An application for an event permit shall include the name of the caterer, the date, address, time, and name of the event and the quantity and type of alcoholic beverages to be transported from the licensee's primary location to the location of the authorized catered event or functions.

    (3) The original event permit shall be kept in the vehicle transporting the alcoholic beverages to the catered event or function.

    (4) It shall be unlawful for a licensed alcoholic beverage caterer to distribute, sell, or otherwise dispense alcoholic beverages off-premises except as authorized by the event permit.

    (c) Limitation on license. A licensed alcoholic beverage caterer may sell or otherwise dispense only that which is authorized by his alcoholic beverage license. For example, if the alcoholic beverage caterer possesses a valid license to sell malt beverages, he may sell or otherwise dispense only malt beverages at the authorized catered event or function.

    (d) Sunday sales. An alcoholic beverage caterer wishing to cater an event or function on Sunday must possess a valid Sunday sales license and comply with the requirements of state law with respect to the service of alcoholic beverages on Sunday.

    (e) Tax on sales by resident caterers. Excise taxes are imposed upon the sale of alcoholic beverages by a resident caterer as provided in article III of this chapter.

    (f) Tax on drinks served by nonresident caterers. Excise taxes are imposed upon the total of individual alcoholic beverage drinks served by a nonresident caterer in the amounts set forth in article III of this chapter and shall be paid within 30 days after the conclusion of the catered event or function.

(Ord. No. 2007-09-54, § 3(7.2.5), 9-18-2007)