§ 6. ACCESS  

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    Maximum Number of Lots with a Single Entrance. A maximum number of 50 residential dwelling units shall be allowed to be constructed with only one street outlet to an existing public street. If a second access to an existing public road is not available or, in the opinion of the Director, could induce nonresidential traffic through the development, a single entrance may be allowed if designed with a traffic signal and/or sufficient right-of-way and improvements to provide a protected left-turn lane, subject to the approval of the community development department.


    Access Improvements. When property that abuts upon an existing or proposed city road is to be developed or redeveloped and the city street will provide access to the property, access improvements to the city road (deceleration lanes, turn lanes, etc.) shall be provided by the developer as required in both the Development Code and the Cross Section Standards.


    Documentation Required for Alternative Designs. In the event that an alternative is suggested by the applicant, studies and reports conducted by professionals currently certified in the State of Georgia will be required to be submitted to and approved by the department. These studies and reports must clearly relate to the desired results and purposes expressed or implied in the applicable performance standard. Once an alternative has been approved by the department, it shall become a required standard applicable to the specific approved permit only.